About Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a state of mind towards life experiences, thoughts, feelings and sensations. Being mindful means that you keep your attention in the present experiences, not the ones in the future or the past. It is being mindful of what is happening in the mind and body without judging it.

The aim is not to clear the mind and get rid of thoughts; the aim is to understand them and learn how to better overcome challenging situations.

Mindfulness practices systematically train the brain for a better life. They help overcome destructive emotions such as anxiety and anger in two ways. First of all; they help one survive while facing a danger, they are a shelter from the storm. Secondly; they change the long term brain structure and lead one to more balanced emotions. 

Scientifically proven benefits of mindfulness practices:

  • Help stay focused and attentive
  • Build a stronger immune system
  • Grant the ability to choose effective, productive thoughts
  • Reduce the risk of anxiety and depression relapse
  • Give stronger empathy and communication skills
  • Grant the ability to stay solution-oriented in tough, stressful situations
  • Help you become more productive at work 
  • Help you experience better sleep patterns
  • Help you achieve better performance in sports and music
  • And most importantly, by teaching you how to stay in the moment, they allow you to lead an enjoyable life away from the anxiety about the past and future.